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Bigfoot T Shirts

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    Bigfoot Russ & His Bigfoot Shirts

    Bigfoot Russ Bigfoot Shirts

    My friends call me Bigfoot Russ. They also call me a conspiracy theorist nut because I believe Bigfoot is real. But, I say if believing in bigfoot makes me a NUT, then I'll wear that badge proudly - while avoiding squirrels. So what inspired me to design Bigfoot T Shirts?

    More than likely, my obsession with Bigfoot came from pop culture references when I was a child in the 70's. The six million dollar man episode with Bigfoot was something I dwelled on quite often, especially when my friends and I camped in our local south-eastern Indiana woods. For my middle school science fair, I crafted two dolls (from stuffed animal parts) of Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster and presented evidence for their existence based on the few books about histories mysteries in my local library. 

    bigfoot doll science fair bigfoot shirts
    I loved the fantasy aspect of Bigfoot as a kid, but my obsession quickly turned more academic as I begun to study the elusive Sasquatch on a more scientific level. Evidence and testimony became my new obsession as I connected the puzzle pieces that proved North America was home to an undiscovered giant primate. I began collecting EVERY book I could find on the subject of Bigfoot and cryptozoology. Pictured below are a few of my favorites I've collected since I was a child, many of which were published before I was even born. 


    As I grew older, I began reaching out to leading cryptozoology scientists like Professor Jeffrey Meldrum and Loren Coleman to further my own personal Bigfoot studies. I've also worked on a audio project with Ronald Morehead, famous for the Sierra Sounds sasquatch vocal recordings he collected in the early 1970's. 

    As an adult, I've become what some may call an "armchair scientist" when it comes to my Bigfoot obsession. Personally, I accept that label because armchair scientists love keeping up with the most advanced researches, sharing their work with scientists everywhere in the world and exchanging ideas  because Science is also about curiosity, wonder and fun!

    Bigfoot Russ

    Of recent, I decided to have some fun with Bigfoot - along with my wife, Littlefoot Meg - by using our skillsets in graphic design, marketing and website development. Between the two of us we create all the artwork, manage the shop and operate 100% on our own. Designing bigfoot t shirts is a simple hobby for us, which is why we price our unique art extremely low and all profits go towards producing more and more sasquatch shirts for the public. We hope you enjoy our bigfoot t-shirts as much as we love creating them! See ALL of our Bigfoot Shirts NOW!



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